Why Weedon Island Preserve is the BEST Place to Go Kayaking

Why Weedon Island Preserve is the BEST Place to Go Kayaking

Out of all the places to go kayaking in Florida, how can you know which one to pick? Well, Weedon Island kayaking knocks out the competition as the best place to go kayaking for several reasons. Here is why we think it stands out against the rest.

1.) Manatee Sightings

If you have always wanted to go kayaking with manatees than look no further. Weedon Island Preserve is the home to ‘sea cows’ who like to make a guest appearance on kayak tours, especially in the winter. Manatees are friendly mammals. Visitors from all over the world enjoy going on a manatee sighting at Weedon Island Nature Preserve, and you will too.

2.) Unique Mangrove Tunnels

Guided tours through the mangrove tunnels is a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. Emerson’s tour guides are trained and prepared to take you through these tunnels with ease. The paddle path through the enchanted tunnels feels surreal. If you are a novice kayaker I suggest you sign up for one of ECOmersion’s tours before you head out on a Weedon Island kayaking trip. Though the kayak trail is marked it is still easy to get lost.

Weedon Island Kayaking

3.) Free parking

One of the biggest problems facing other beaches and cool nature spots near St. Pete Beach is parking. Not only is parking expensive in other places it is not always available. When you go Weedon Island kayaking you won’t have to worry about that. They offer plenty of free parking for all visitors.

4.) Get away from the crowds

The island is one of Florida’s best-kept secrets. Weedon Island Preserve is a relaxing nature preserve away from the crowds near St. Pete Beach. If you are hoping to have a secluded getaway in nature Weedon Island kayaking is the way to go.

5.) A great spot for bird watching

Weedon Island Kayaking- bird watching
Bird Watching

There is an abundant population of birds and other native species on the Weedon Island Preserve. Going Weedon Island kayaking is a great way to see birds and other wildlife you can’t get close to while on land.

6.) Catch of the day

Florida’s warm climate is a great place to go fishing year-round. Other states get colder and fish migrate right on over to Florida, so you can ensure that Florida is swimming with fish (pun intended). So, not only is fishing permitted, but it is a great place to fish. The fishing pier is a fan-favorite spot to fish on Weedon Island Preserve. 

7.) Get a glimpse of Florida’s natural environment

Florida wetlands are important for the environment for several reasons, including the impact mangroves have on reducing carbon emissions. Getting a tour through the mangroves is an up-close adventure that allows visitors to gain first-hand experience in a wetland expedition.

8.) Good for all ages and abilities

Kayaking in the ocean isn’t always the easiest with large waves and boats riding through. Kayaking on Weedon Island, however, is doable for all ages and all abilities. The waters are calms and participants paddle through the tunnels like a breeze.

We hope you enjoy your Weedon Island kayaking expedition!

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