10 Best Day Trips from TAMPA, FL

10 Best Day Trips from TAMPA, FL

Tampa is the total package when it comes to a vacation destination. There are several places to visit only a short drive away from the heart of Tampa. We configured the best Tampa day trips, here is what we found. 

Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is an ideal day trip from Tampa. The clear calm waters make Anna Maria Island a relaxation paradise. Dolphins and manatees are a part of Anna Maria Island’s wildlife ecosystem. Visitors enjoy coming to Anna Maria Island in hopes of a dolphin or manatee sighting.

Hillsbourgh State Park

Hillsborough State Park is great for hiking and enjoying nature. The moderate hiking trails are light and easy. The longest trail is about seven miles long, so it is perfect for an all-day hiking affair. You will likely see alligators, birds, and other wildlife along your hike. Also, the park has an RV camping site for those intending on visiting Florida in their RV, camper, or van.

Hiking trail in Hillsborough State Park
Wildlife at Hillsborough State Park

St. Pete Beach

The lively St. Pete Beach has a lot to offer. The tasty waterfront seafood restaurants, water-sport activities, rich coffee shops, and pristine beaches are what make St. Pete perfect for a day trip from Tampa. ECOmersion kayak company gives kayak tours near St. Pete Beach.

kayak tours St. Pete Beach
Kayak Tours St. Pete Beach

Weedon Island Preserve

Weedon Island Preserve is the best place to take a kayak tour. On one of our kayak tours, you can get an up-close expedition through the mangrove tunnels, in a way you would not get to otherwise.

Weedon Island Perserve

Fort De Soto

Fort De Soto Park has many activities to enjoy. For instance, you can rent bicycles, explore the ancient fort and museum, and swim in the family-friendly beaches, which is why it made it on our list for best Tampa day trips.

Tampa day trips
Fort De Soto Beach

Bush Gardens

Bush Gardens is a world-renown amusement park that is an adrenaline junkie heaven on earth. It has six rollers coasters; Kumba, Montu, SheiKra, Cheetah Hunt, Cobra’s Curse and Scorpion. In addition to the thrilling rides, Bush Gardens has a wide variety of wildlife and kid-friendly activities.

John’s Pass/ Treasure Island

John’s Pass/ Treasure Island’s water-sports are fun for a Tampa day trip. If you like jet skiing, boating, or wakeboarding this is the best Tampa day trip for you.

John's Pass boardwalk is great for a Tampa day trip
John’s Pass Boardwalk

Devil’s Den

Devil’s Den is a hidden gem near Tampa. The Devil’s Den is a subterranean spring in a cave nearly 60 feet underground, near Williston, Florida. It is known for its blue waters and snorkeling. Scuba diving is an option, but only for the professional spelunkers.

Disney World

Disney World theme park is less than two hours away from Tampa- dreams do come true. It offers a wide variety of dining options, thrilling roller coasters, and fun activities for the whole family. Additionally, you can spend the day with your favorite Disney characters.

Three Sisters Spring

The Three Sisters Spring is a slice of heaven only a short drive away from the heart of Tampa. This wildlife park near the Crystal River is a sanctuary for manatees, birds, and turtles. The manatees are spotted the most during the winter months because they migrate to warmer water.

In conclusion, we hope you have fun on one of these Tampa day trips.

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