10 Reasons Why Tampa/ St. Petersburg is the Ultimate Vacation Destination

10 Reasons Why Tampa/ St. Petersburg is the Ultimate Vacation Destination

When traveling with family it is impossible to agree on an ideal vacation location. Yet, Tampa/ St. Petersburg in Florida has everything desired from a relaxing, fun, and adventurous vacation right at your fingertips. There are so many activities located in the Tampa/ St. Petersburg area. Here is why Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Florida is the ultimate vacation destination. 

1.) Relaxing Beaches

 Vacationing means getting away from all the duties of everyday life, self care, and spending time resting. What better place is there to relax than on a beautiful beach with a margarita in your hand?  With some of the best beaches in all of Florida, St. Pete offers the perfect beach getaway. 

2.) Culture/History 

 For those who love to learn about and experience the culture of different cities than Tampa’s Ybor city is the place to go. As one of the only three National Historic Landmark Districts in the state, Ybor has a history and culture that will totally enthrall you. My personal favorite spot in all of ybor that I recommend everyone visit is the Tampa Bay Brewing Company (add link). 

3.) Amusement Parks

There is nothing more fun and exciting than riding a roller coaster, and Tampa’s Bush Gardens has some of the biggest and fastest in the entire world. With the first ever roller coaster to feature a 90-degree drop, I promise you that your kids will not be the only ones screaming in excitement.  Adventure Island is another amusement park visitors enjoy cooling off at during the peak summer vacation months. With relaxing cabanas, hot french fries, and adrenaline pumping slides this waterpark is one you won’t want to miss.

4.) Year-Round Warm Temperatures and Sunshine

Florida is known as the sunshine state for a reason, it’s paradise. Temperatures are warm year-round, making it the perfect vacation destination for outdoor activities. In the summer, the temperatures can be boiling, which is why many flock to water parks and beaches.

5.) Seafood & Cuban Cuisine

Whenever traveling somewhere new the food plays a role in the overall experience. In the Tampa/ St. Petersburg arena there are two foods famous in the area you have to try. The local seafood is caught right off the Florida coast, you don’t get fresher fish than that.

6.) Easy Day Trips to Dreamy Springs

Tampa/ St. Petersburg are a short day trip to some of the most tantalizing places on earth. The Three Sisters Springs and

7.) Biking & Hiking Trails in Nature Recreational Parks

While Florida is not known for hiking and biking trails, you will be surprised at how nice they are. Tampa/St. Petersburg is only a quick drive to Hillsborough State Park and Lettuce Lake Park if you are looking to spice up your vacay with nature viewing and hiking. If you are looking for a biking adventure Flatwoods park is a long distance bikers hub. The trails are thrilling, and bikers from all experience levels will enjoy them.

8.) Nightlife in Downtown Tampa

If you are looking for a thrilling way to spend a Saturday Night Tampa has got you covered. There are low key bars such as In the Loop Brewing Company, and night clubs such as Franklin Manor for all of your nightlife needs.

9.) Shopping till you drop

There are several state of the art shopping areas in Tampa. International Plaza & Bay Street is where many fashionistas gravitate towards to snag the latest trends. Channelside Bay Plaza is another great shopping spot in the area that has everything anyone could possibly want.

10.) Quaint Coffee Shops

Coffee culture has become a staple in most towns, and Tampa/ St. Petersburg do not disappoint when it comes to local brews. Addicted to the Bean and Buddy Brew. You can be sure that Tampa does last lack a shortage of caffeine.

Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg simply have it all. No matter what type of vacationer you are, it is the perfect vacation destination for everyone.

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