The Benefits of Kayaking for Exercise
The health benefits of kayaking

The Benefits of Kayaking for Exercise

A huge part about maintaining a healthy lifestyle is finding ways to exercise that you enjoy. Kayaking is a great way to get outdoors, spend time with friends, and burn some calories. Here are some benefits of kayaking you may not have known about.

1.) Low impact

Unlike exercises such as running, kayaking is low impact. If you have joint pain in your ankles, hips, ect. kayaking is a great alternative to other exercises that could cause injury. In addition, kayaking is perfect to add to your workout routine on days you are sore or tired due to the low impact of the paddle motion.  

2.)Core strengthening

While everyone knows kayaking is a great tricep and bicep workout, the abdomen and obliques play a huge role in the twisting of the paddle motion. If you are looking to get summer abs, kayaking is an excellent way to get a good ab workout.

3.) Weight loss or weight management

The strenuous activity of paddling burns calories and can help in weight loss and weight management. Incorporating moderate exercise along with eating healthy can help shed some pounds.

4.) Increased flexibility

If yoga doesn’t peak your interest there are other ways to increase flexibility and strength. One of those ways happens to be kayaking.

5.) Benefits of being outdoors

benefits of kayaking
Kayaking in Florida

Not only do you get incredible health benefits while kayaking you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife nature has to offer. 

6.) Mental health benefits

Kayaking is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Getting out on the water with some good friends is a great way to reduce stress and enjoy the moment. Kayaking is a easy to connect with others, nature, and yourself. Many attribute kayaking to be as peaceful as meditation, and I have to agree.

7.) Dosage of vitamin d

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the sunshine and soak up the vitamin d. Vitamin
d can help boost the immune and nervous system.
It helps the body absorb calcium which is necessary for a healthy living.

8.) Navigational skills

Reading maps, compasses, and navigating through rapids with ease is a great skill to develop. Having a float plan before getting on the water is helpful in ensuring you make it to your final destination.

9.) Boost in self-confidence

People of all ages can participate in kayaking. Getting outdoors and trying something new is a huge confidence booster. Why not try it?

10.) Cardiovascular strength

Kayaking raises your heart rate and can help increase endurance and stamina. Improving cardiovascular strength can reduce the chance of having blood clots or strokes. Additionally, adding some vitamin d can help support overall cardiovascular health. So get out there and enjoy the sun.

Staying active is all about balance. The benefits of kayaking make it a great way to have a healthy lifestyle. Get out there and start paddling.

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