Benefits of Walkability

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People have been moving out of the cities and to the suburbs since the 1950s. Americans have been drawn in by the benefits of having more space and privacy. However, suburbians have failed to realize all the amenities they sacrifice to have the additional grass in their yard. ECOmersion outlines the benefits of living in a Walkable city.

More YOU Time

The average American spends over 5 hours a week commuting to work according to the US Census Bureau. That equates to roughly 9 days a year spent in your car, not including errands and extracurricular trips with the kids and friends. Think about how much you could do with those extra 5 hours every week if you could walk or bike to work in 5 minutes or less in a city with high walkability!

Walkable Keeps YOU Healthy

The overall health has been declining drastically in America and obesity rates are at all time highs. It is estimated that 35% of Americans are overweight. The average American is simply not moving and exercising as much as they should be. Humans were not designed to be idle creatures, we were meant to walk and move constantly throughout the day.  Being able to walk to your destination rather than drive would give the average American huge health benefits such as weight loss, lower blood pressure, and increased muscle density. Not to mention happier lives!

Walkability Helps the Environment

Living in a walkable city would have a huge impact on the environment. According to the EPA, motor vehicles cause 75% of the carbon monoxide pollution in America and 27% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Think about how much cleaner the air, water, and planet would be if we all decide to ditch the suburbs and move back to the cities where we do not have to drive by ourselves to get around town!

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