Simple Ways to Improve Personal Sustainability Efforts at Home

We are all working to find new ways to do our part to save the planet we live on! A huge part of this is developing the personal sustainability efforts you implement at home into consistent habits. Our team of environmental experts outlines a few ways you can do your part to save the natural environment!

1) Compost!

This simple method takes food waste and paper goods out of landfills, and allows them to break down in a healthy and sustainable way. Composting substantially reduces landfill greenhouse gas emissions, and the beautiful aspect of composting is that almost any food scraps are able to be thrown in a compost bin! Beyond eggshells, vegetables, and pasta leftovers, even paper towels, and egg cartons may be tossed in.

Having a mix of green and brown composted goods keeps a healthy balance in your compost. This balance allows the process to proceed with minimal pests.

  1. The city of St. Petersburg offers free compost buckets to citizens living in single family homes. Find out more here.
  2. If you get berries or eggs in a cardboard container, fill them with soil and add your favorite seeds or propagated plants. These can then be buried in your yard and get composted into the soil, and also defend against pests.

2) Reuse Your Glass Containers and Plates

Reuse old jam, salsa, and sauce jars to improve your personal sustainability efforts! These glass containers can be reused countless times as drinking glasses, vases, and food containers in your homes. Glass is notoriously hard to recycle, and these are a great way to keep glass out of landfills and put to good use! It’s also a great way to start a collection of glasses at home, especially if you’re just starting out with your own dinner ware.

Old and broken plates, mugs, and bowls may be smashed and turned into a fun way to decorate a plant pot or patio your yard. Find more ideas here.

3) Personal Sustainability Efforts to Recycle Old Cloth

Old towels, clothes, and bedding may be cut up and used as reusable wipes, carpets, quilts, or dusters. Pinterest has tons of ideas on how to put your old cloth to good use, and recycling clothes and towels prevent a pile up of textiles in thrift stores and landfills. Our personal favorite is making a t-shirt quilt out of shirts you no longer wear, and is a great way to keep memories.

4) Sustainability Efforts in St. Petersburg – Home Gardens and Carpooling

The University of Florida has a great guide to home gardens in Florida!

Seeds from food should be reused and planted! Save the seeds or pits and propagate them according to their individual needs when you’re cutting up your next bell pepper, apple, or avocado. Plant the seeds and turn them into new plants that will feed you for months to come.

Long term personal sustainability efforts are bigger than just one person. Try carpooling with your coworkers or neighbors once social distancing guidelines have been lifted and you return back to the office. Carpooling is a simple, and seemingly old-school trick that drastically reduces air pollution and traffic congestion, and will relieve your rush hour stress.

5) Ways to Store Leftover Food at Home

Bee’s Wrap reusable food wrap

When wrapping your left overs, consider what type of material the container they go in is made out of. Beeswax wraps are a more eco-friendly replacement for tin foil and saran wrap. Best part? These wraps can be reused and repaired when the wax gets too thin. Reusable ZipLoc bags are a great investment and as their name suggests, can be reused countless times. Reusing ZipLoc bags reduces the amount of plastic you contribute to landfills. Old take out containers can be used as Tupperware, and are great for holding different knickknacks around the home.

6) Your Dollar Matters

Thinking about how and where you shop goes a long way. Try visiting a local farmers market for fresh produce to reduce transportation emissions and support sustainable farming initiatives. Farm shares are also a great way to get in-season produce while supporting a local farm. Bringing a reusable bag with you to Publix to avoid sending more plastic to the landfills or worse, the ocean!

The important part of sustainability initiatives is making them every day habits. Throwing glass away 6 days and making a new mug once doesn’t make a difference in the fight for our planet! Do your part and preserve our natural environment for future St. Pete kayak tour adventurers!

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