Most Beautiful Locations to Kayak

Most Beautiful Locations to Kayak

What makes a kayak experience great and unforgettable? For us having an outstanding kayaking adventure is all about the location! Places that provide you with clear water; a gorgeous view and a huge variety of wildlife are the ones that are going to remain in your memories even years after your kayaking experience is over. That is why we created a list for the best kayaking spots around the world to make sure that your next kayaking trip is going to be one you never forget.

Graingerfjord, Norway

 Kayaking does not always have to be at a tropical location with palm trees and sandy beaches.  Norway´s most popular fjords, the Graingerfjord proves just that. We can promise that you will never forget the breathtaking landscape of the Graingerfjord with its majestic mountains, powerful waterfalls and beautiful green trees. Kayaking here is going to be a little more challenging then on the average river but who is not up for a good physical challenge, especially when it comes with a stunning view.  

Southern Coast of Crete

Pink-sand beaches, crystal clear water and beautiful mountain landscapes are just a few of the things you will see kayaking the Southern Coast of Crete. Not only does this island have a long and interesting history it also has the most beautiful beaches in the world. This island has 650 miles of coastline with clear blue water to paddle on. It also has perfect weather, hidden coves, sea caves and wildlife that are going to make you want to explore every single inch of this ravishing Greek island.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you find yourself in Asia then visiting Vietnam’s Halong Bay is a must. The Bay is simply out of this world for kayaking. With gigantic limestone islets and crystal-clear water it is a truly unique place. The most mesmerizing part of the bay, however, are the lagoons and caves that few people in the world have the privilege of witnessing. Kayaking here is simply an unforgettable adventure.


Fiji is the home for over 300 different islands that are just waiting to be kayaked. This magnificent island has everything a kayaker’s heart can ask for with calm and clear water, a tropical climate, beautiful landscapes and sprawling coral gardens with every colorful fish you possibly can imagine. So if you ever get a chance to go to Fiji make sure to bring your kayak.

Weedon Island Preserve, Tampa Florida

The last place on our list is an area that holds a special spot in our hearts. Weedon Island Preserve is one of Florida´s most famous natural preserves with stunning mangrove tunnels and a deep archeological history. But more importantly for us it is a place where you can experience nature in it’s purest form. Weedon Island Preserve takes you up close and personal with the most amazing nature Florida has to offer. Dolphins, manatees, and pelicans are just a few of the amazing creatures to be found within the preserve.

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