How to Choose the Best Kayak

How to Choose the Best Kayak

You want to kayak but aren’t sure which one to buy. Choosing the correct kayak that best fits your needs can be daunting. Read this guide to learn the advantages and disadvantages of different kayaks.

Rudder vs. no rudder

Adding a rudder to your kayak helps ensure stability. Most kayaks have rudders, but on calm waters, they are not essential. If you are hoping to have extra stability be sure to purchase a kayak with a rudder.

Sit-in vs. sit-on-top

Sit-in vs. sit-on-top is a debate among kayakers. They are different for several reasons. Sit-on-top kayaks are lighter and easier to carry. This is useful if you are loading the kayak yourself and prefer a lighter option. Sit-on-tops are wider and don’t ride as easily as sit-in kayaks. They typically require more force for movability. Sit-in kayaks are heavier to carry, but the narrow body of the boat glides with ease. While sit-in kayaks are harder to flip over than sit-on kayaks, they are also much more difficult to get back in once capsized.

Sit-on-Top kayak
Pelican Sentinel Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle
Emotion Kayaks Revel 10 Kayak -Sit-in

Whitewater vs. sea kayaks

Obviously, the type of kayak you purchase will be based on the type of kayaking you intend to do. Where are you planning on kayaking? That will determine which type of kayak to be looking for.

Inflatable vs. Plastic

Inflatable kayaks are great for compact storage and paddling on flat waters. While inflatable kayaks aren’t as sturdy as plastic kayaks and run the risk of popping. But for recreational use, they are inexpensive and fun for the whole family.

Pedaling vs. Paddling

The kayaking you are used to probably requires a paddle. But there are also kayaks that have pedals. While pedals kayaks are typically more expensive than other kayaks they are excellent for a fishing trip. Fishermen choose these boats because the pedaling motion is less disruptive to fish than paddling. Many fishermen aren’t concerned with speed, and pedal kayak boats can go fast. Juggling paddling with fishing gear can be tricky, being able to paddle hands-free is highly efficient.

The details and style of each kayak can make a difference in the user experience. We hope you find your kayak match made in heaven.

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