Conservation and Environmental Preservation Efforts in Tampa/ St. Petersburg
Save a sea turtle

Conservation and Environmental Preservation Efforts in Tampa/ St. Petersburg

Florida temperatures are warm year-round, making it a perfect habitat for thousands of species, however, much of the wildlife is still endangered. There are around 90 endangered species and 98 at-risk, so human conservation efforts are imperative in ensuring these animals don’t die out. There are several conservation programs in place to help preserve the lands and waters in Florida. Here are some incredible programs you should know about. Here are some incredible programs you should know about. 

Sea Turtle Protection at Blowing Rock Preservation – The Nature Conservatory of Florida

Minutes after they are born sea turtles have a tough time surviving. A new turtle nest faces many dangers in the wild. For instance, a storm could blow the nest out to sea, never giving the turtles a chance to hatch. After the turtles hatch they aren’t out of danger yet. Additionally, the trek down from the where they were hatched to the ocean is life-threatening. The Sea Turtle Protection project ensures that the turtles make it safely out to sea, giving them a greater chance of survival. Since many species of sea turtles are slowing going extinct this project is making great strides in ensuring they won’t go extinct.

 turtle protection

Florida’s Coral Reef System- The Nature Conservatory of Florida 

The Nature Conservatory of Florida (TNC) is taking strides to preserve coral reefs. Which is one of the most threatened marine ecosystems. Man-made pollutants and high temperatures can be life-threatening to these species so, the organization is monitoring the reefs and protecting them from these threats.

Coral reef conservation

Habitat Restoration in the Everglades – The National Park Service

The National Park Service ensures that the Everglades marine life is protected. It is a haven to several endangered species. Some of these endangered species include the sea turtle, the coral reef ecosystem, and others. The National Park’s priority is ensuring that preserving wildlife in its natural habitat.

everglades conservation

Save the Florida Panther = The Nature Conservatory of  Florida 

Save the Florida Panther is an organization focused on giving Florida panthers a protected and safe place to live. This organization is providing safe land for the panthers to roam on will help save this species from going extinct. Florida panthers were on the verge of becoming extinct entirely. That is until Save the Florida Panther began its efforts. Now there are around 200 panthers in the area.

Landscape Conservation Projects- Conservation Florida 

Conservation Florida assists land owners in creating an environmentally protected landscape. This nonprofit works towards saving Florida’s natural agricultural landscapes.Additionally, Landscape Conservation helps landowners understand the best ways to keep their land organically beautiful. Which is beneficial for the wildlife and nature in the area.

Florida conservation efforts

Big Cat Rescue

Big Car Rescue is an animal sanctuary located in Tampa area. In other words, this organization focuses on rehabilitating injured or abandoned exotic cats. Big Cat Rescue houses lions, tigers, jaguars, and other big cats. Unfortunately, many of these cats were left by owners who wanted to make them a pet, rescued from being killed for a fur coat, or retired from performance. Thankfully, Big Cat Rescue takes the animals in and provides them with a home. Otherwise, they would not have survived in the wild.

 tiger- conservation efforts

In conclusion, these are just a few of the current conservation efforts in Florida.

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