Different Types of Kayaking and Which is Best for You

Different Types of Kayaking and Which is Best for You

There isn’t just one way to kayak. Over the years kayaking has evolved and branched off into several forms of kayaking. Whether you want to kayak in the ocean, on the river, or through rapids there is a type of kayaking for you.

Here are some of the different types of kayaking. We hope this will help you discover which version is right for you.  

Sit-on-Top vs. Sit-in 

Would you rather sit in your kayak or sit on top? This seems like a pretty simple question, but these two different kinds of kayaks will result operate differently  The sit-on-top kayak is light to carry and easy to clean. However, you will be more likely to flip over and they aren’t as easy to steer.  Sit-in kayaks are heavier to carry or strap on a car, but they are sturdier and steer with ease. 

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Ocean/ Sea Kayaking 

Sea kayaking is unpredictable which is why adventure junkies love it. It can include paddling in open waters, lakes, and the ocean. While, it might take a while to get used to sea kayaking after some practice you will be able to conquer the waves with ease. 

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Kayaking for recreation purposes is simply kayaking for the fun of it. Kayaking is a great group activity with friends or a solo activity as a way to get in touch with nature. Your reason for kayaking might be completely recreational, and that is just fine.


A kayaking tour allows participants to experience nature in a different way than they could on land and explore a new area. Taking a kayak tour won’t consist of intense waves, but make no mistake this type of kayaking can also be strenuous. Going on a kayak tour might mean you are out on the water for several hours and requires endurance. A guided tour is an excellent way to explore an unfamiliar area, such as the mangroves on Weedon Island Preserve. Navigating Weedon Island while kayaking can be tricky, but the experienced guides take visitors through the fascinating tunnels without any mishaps. 

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Sport Kayaking 

Sport kayaking is for storing fishing, camping, or scuba diving gear. These special kayaks are designed to hold gear for your outdoor recreational activity of choice, and are extremely sturdy. These kayaks are often stable enough for fishermen to stand up comfortably in their kayak.

Whitewater Kayaking 

Whitewater kayaking is one of the more intense versions of kayaking and it takes place in the rapids of rivers and creeks. Since whitewater kayaking can be dangerous you should practice flipping the kayak in a pool before heading out on the river. Whitewater kayaking is for the brave and daring. The classification system allows kayakers to know what level of difficulty the rapids are before getting out on the water. 

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Surf Kayaking 

This type of kayaking will get your blood pumping. Surf kayaking is kayaking through waves at a beach. The concept of surf kayaking is similar to surfing. If you are trying to catch some gnarly waves and are a beach fanatic surf kayaking is right for you.

Don’t let trying a new recreational outdoor sport intimidate you. No matter what skill level you are at there is a version of kayaking for you. Get out on the water today. 

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