Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Being conscious of environmental issues is not on everyone’s radar. However, there are simple daily lifestyle changes that make a big impact on the future state of environmental issues. Read these easy ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

1.) Shop local produce

Farmers Markets are popping up in cities all over the United States. Shopping local produce is a great way to support farmers in the area and ensure that your products are organic and fresh.

2. Reduce your transportation emissions

Carpool, taking the bus, walking, or biking are all great alternatives to driving to work. See what routes work for you and your routine. This isn’t a possibility for everyone but if possible finding other ways to get to work can help reduce the amount of non-renewable resources spent such as oil and gas on cars. 

public transportation- eco-friendly lifestyle

3.) Take notes on your phone

Understanding how to live eco-friendly isn’t easy, but thankfully some of the tips you will find easy. Instead of using paper for writing, take notes on your phone. Everything is going digital these days, might as well leave paper out of the equation. While taking note digitally may seem strange at first, be kind to the trees and save a little paper today. 

4.) Go vegetarian once a week 

Eating vegetarian is a great way to reduce emissions. Animal meat produces vastly more emissions for production such as the methane that cows produce. 

5.) Create a compost pile

Don’t let any of your scraps go to waste. Start a compost pile with all your leftover food. While composting might seem like a daunting task only the most elite of environmentalist attempt, it is fairly easy to start your own compost pile at home.

An Easy Guide to Composting at Home

6.) Don’t use plastic silverware 

Plastic utentsils are easy when on the go, but they last forever in a landfill. Take five extra minutes to wash your silverware and I promise our Earth thanks you. Landfills take years to decompose and some things never will.

how to live eco-friendly- save the Earth

7.) Recycle 

While not using plastic at all is much better than recycling, if you must use plastic put it in your recycle bin. Cities are making it easier and easier to recycle by placing recycling bins next too trash cans.

how to live a eco-friendly lifestyle

8.) Use green cleaning products 

If you look on the back of an average cleaning supply product, there are lots of names you won’t be able to produce. Avoid using these chemicals in exchange for more natural ones. I started cleaning everything with white vinegar. The only ingredient in vinegar is vinegar.

9.) Microwaves over the oven 

Microwaves use less heat to cook and actually use less energy than ovens. If you can cook with a microwave over an over-do it. You food will cook faster, and it is better for the environment.

10.) Use energy efficient light fixtures 

This is a quick fix in your home. Alternate your light fixture. There are some organizations that will do it at no cost to you. Such as the Green Light New Orleans. This non-profit organization helps residents all over New Orleans replace their light bulbs with more efficient ones.

11.) Plant a seed

Plants create oxygen. How cool is it that you can plant a seed that helps create the air we breath? There are many plants to choose from that are conducive to small apartments and large farm houses alike.

planting trees can help the environment

12.) Buy solar operated products

While it would be amazing, you don’t have to install solar panels on your roof in order to use the sun’s renewable energy. Buy products such as lamps or calculators that are charged by sitting in the sun. Batteries are dense and difficult too recycle.

13.) Buy a reusable bottle

Using water bottle’s is a quick way to waste plastic material. Additionally, if you order coffee out often ask then to refill your thermos instead of using their to-go cups.

14.) Short showers

Taking long showers quickly waste a lot of water. Showers should be ten minutes or less. Any longer than that is excessive.

15.) Be aware of your impact on the environment

Almost every decision you make is either hurting or helping the trajectory of our planet’s health. Being aware of each choice is a key step in making simple changes to a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Hope this helps you understand how to live eco-friendly. There are so many ways to make a Difference for the Environment that are attainable for every lifestyle.

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