Best Outdoor Restaurants in Tampa

Best Outdoor Restaurants in Tampa

Tampa is mostly known for being a city of business and commerce but it also has a huge variety of cultural offerings like museums, parks and restaurants that create a great balance for the people who live in or visit this city. Tampa is also a melting pot of various ethnicities and that makes the cuisine you find here an international experience. With countless restaurants, choosing the perfect place to eat can be overwhelming. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of our favorites and we are certain that each one of the restaurants will make your mouth water!

Columbia Café

  The Columbia Cafe gives everyone who comes to visit this Tampa restaurant an immediate feeling of Cuban- Spanish flair. Over the years this family owned Restaurant has received tons of nominations and awards and it is one of the oldest restaurants in Florida. It features a gorgeous outside area that is even more beautiful at nighttime, which makes the Cuban Cafe a perfect place for a romantic date! With traditional Spanish dishes and drinks like Tapas and Sangria this Restaurant manages to create an illusion of being in the middle of Spain.

Bahama Breeze

  If you are tired of going to the same Italian restaurant over and over again and want to try something new, for instance a Restaurant that is more tropical, then the Bahama Breeze is perfect for you.  Bahama Breeze is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a couple Peña Coladas with your friends and family. The inside of the Restaurant looks like a tropical oasis and the food adds to the island atmosphere! Dishes like fried or grilled seafood, fresh veggies and tropical fruits are going to make you feel like you are on vacation!

Jackson`s Bistro Bar and Sushi

  If you want to have a good view of Tampa’s Skyline, then Jackson`s Bistro Bar and Sushi is the right Restaurant for your next dinner. It is the perfect place if you cannot make up your mind about what food you are craving. The menu includes dishes like pasta, steak, seafood and sushi. Jackson`s Bistro Bar and Sushi is also well known for it´s crazy nightlife and happy hour. Every Saturday the Restaurant turns into an area of music, dances and live performances that make this Restaurant stand out from other palace you have been to.

American Social

  American Social serves you your comfort American food and also provides you with a great view on Tampa’s most famous tourist attraction, the Tampa River walk. This place is perfect for a fancy date but also perfect for a laid back dinner with your friends. Enjoy a Moscow mule or refreshing mimosa at brunch time while enjoying stunning architecture of the unique buildings of Tampa.

Armature works

If you are looking for a spot with lots of food, drinks and desert options we suggest you take a look at Armature works. If you are craving sushi, Mexican, a burger ice cream or just simply want to have a good drink this is the place to go to! Armature Works is very family friendly so you can even bring your kids since the outside area has a couple playgrounds where the children can let their energy out while you have a drink and enjoying yourself. The outside area of this place gives you an unobstructed view of the Hillsborough River and around the weekend Armature Works has a huge variety of events and live music making this place perfect for your taste buds.

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